Do I need a library card to participate in the Road Trip?
Not at all! You can visit any public library at any time whether you have a library card or not. We welcome you!

Can I share a map with my friends/family?
Absolutely! If it’s easier to keep track of a single map, feel free to share one. Even when sharing a single map, your whole family or team can be eligible for a prize.

What’s the VIP card?
This is a uniquely designed Mid York library card only available by finishing MY Library Road Trip. This card gives you bragging rights and has the same privileges as your regular Mid York library card.

What do I do if I lose my map?
Please make sure to take a picture of your map regularly and we can make sure your progress is not lost. If you’re posting to Facebook or Instagram with #MYLibraryRoadTrip, it’s easy to have a backup.

What do I do when I arrive at a new-to-me library?
Find someone who works there and tell that person you are a Road Tripper to get your map stamped. Ask if there is anything special you should see at the library. Then look around and enjoy yourself! Before leaving, be sure to snap a picture of yourself, your team, or your family at the library and share with our social media.